Scheduled Lomi Trainings – Kauai and Germany

Retreats On Kauai

Penny Prior
Penny Prior
Andrea Kandler
Andrea Kandler
Small group with 4 – max. 6 participants and time for individual coaching
Seminar Leaders: Penny Prior and Andrea Kandler
Location: Kapa’a, Kaua’i

Penny and Andrea are facilitating 4 to 6 women on a week long intimate journey staying in a private home on the island of Kaua’i.

The goal will be to connect in nature with daily stretching, movement, walking along the beach(looking for whales along the coast), swimming. Eating fresh local food.

We will learn about the Hawaiian culture through cultural and musical events. To have a chance to sing Hawaiian music and to just be in the magic of Kaua’i
There will be individual coaching sessions and group sharing to go deep into feelings that arise moment to moment and have the possibility to understand how we can release old stories and go forward with our vision. Most of all, it will be a time of self caring and a time to support others in their growth, a time to build trust and better communication skills. A time to find balance and strength within and reconnect with our true essence.

Penny Prior on Kaua’i [email protected] or 808-822-0919

Hawaiian Lomi Seminars in Germany

Andrea Kandler
Andrea Kandler
Seminar house and info on website
More info call Andrea Kandler 011 49 8727 9696 061

Penny Prior does private lomi trainings in Kaua’i and will put together a lomi training with groups where needed. She also does private lomi sessions. Please call 808-822-0919 or email [email protected]

For private trainings , counseling and lomi sessions email Ku’uipo Latonio in New Jersey at [email protected] (908) 433-6193